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Magnesium Oil 108

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Mineral supplementation is highly necessary for everybody because the body needs Minerals to function as raw material or enzymatic catalysts or co-factors in most of the body’s biological processes. Among all these minerals some are classified as the most crucial and Magnesium has always been regarded as the MOST IMPORTANT mineral for the body. Every single cell in the body needs magnesium to perform properly. Coincidentally magnesium is also one of the most poorly absorbed mineral, when taken orally that is. Most of the magnesium mineral supplement taken in oral form is often secreted via urine or biological excrement.

Injection of Magnesium Chloride guarantees to bring 100% of the magnesium level up, but it isn’t a very suitable magnesium delivery method, except in cases of emergency.

When a patient is suffering from a heart attack, most doctors will consider magnesium Chloride injection which can save the life of heart or stroke patients when administered quickly enough. At any other rate, those looking to supplement their health with magnesium may opt for transdermal magnesium therapy, i.e. Magnesium that is absorbed via the skin. It is generally considered safer, more efficient and convenient, as well as not painful when compared to injections or intra-venous (IV) drips.

Most people who’ve become acquainted with magnesium therapy have become astonished by the the efficacy of this wonderful substance and how its benefited countless people.


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