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Cordyceps is a type of fungus that begins as a small organism and is only found in certain high altitudes in the Himalayan mountain region. Its a fragile and rare plant and only certain tribes have knowledge on its locations and its harvesting techniques. Only during certain seasons the cordyceps shoot will undergo metamorphosis and grows as a mushroom plant.

KORDY – Activated Cordyceps Extract is packed with other herbs and ingredients that increases male vitality and strength

Main Ingredients :

Wild Tibetan Cordyceps, Catuaba, Apple Powder, Horny Goat, Pumpkin Seed Extract, Tribulus Terrestris

Recent Research and Traditional uses:

  • Cordyceps is anti-cancer, anti-tumor and great for prostate health
  • Cordyceps can be a restorative agent after physical exertion
  • Cordyceps is used in sports to increase physical endurance
  • Cordyceps helps to readjust cellular energy levels
  • Cordyceps helps with adapting to stress
  • Cordyceps promotes lung capacity, proper respiratory efficiency
  • Cordyceps modulates and strengthens immune system
  • Cordyceps is very useful to restore primary Kidney Functions
  • In TCM Cordyceps is able to improve sexual function, brain power, and provide healing ability
  • In the Orient, it is believed to strengthen body and mind and have rejuvenation abilities
  • It encourages Yin/Yang balance, produce Jing and provide anti-aging functions
  • Promotes healthy vascular system, micro-circulation, and capillary efficiency


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