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ClenXLim is Advanced Nutrition drink that is power-packed with fiber, detoxing agents, slimming substance, and naturally cleansing herbs. Studies show that Most people do not meet their daily recommended intake of fiber, which is on average around 11 grams, when the recommended dosage is 25–30 grams. Clenxlim will provide the outstanding results while helping you to attain your fiber intake goal, which is at 25-30 grams for an adult.


Active Ingredients Biological Role
Spirulina Extract 65% Protein, amino acids and essential fatty acids
Psyllium Husk Safe, highly effective natural bulk-forming laxative
Chlorophyll Potent anti-oxidant, Eliminates toxins
L-Carnitine Promote fat loss, increase lean muscle and bone mass
Maltodextrin Polysaccharide that is a sugar alternative
Milk Thistle Extract Best Liver detox, treats cirrhosis and hepatitis
Stevia 0-Calorie sweetener with fiber and other nutrition
Vitamin C Strengthens immune system and prevents common diseases
Citric Acid Good anti-oxidant and needed to prevent kidney diseases
Garcinia Cambogia Prevent fat storage, suppress hunger, controls appetite
Blueberry Powerful anti-oxidant for anti-aging and neuron protection
Lemon Flush out toxins, and prevents constipation
Digestive Enzymes Helps with digestion



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