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Magnesium Oil 108

Magnesium Oil 108
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Mineral supplementation is highly necessary for everybody because the body needs Minerals to function as raw material or enzymatic catalysts or co-factors in most of the body’s biological processes. Among all these minerals some are classified as the most crucial and Magnesium has always been regarded as the MOST IMPORTANT mineral for the body.

Every single cell in the body needs magnesium to perform properly. Coincidentally magnesium is also one of the most poorly absorbed mineral, when taken orally that is. Most of the magnesium mineral supplement taken in oral form is often secreted via urine or biological excrement.

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Injection of Magnesium Chloride guarantees to bring 100% of the magnesium level up, but it isn’t a very suitable magnesium delivery method, except in cases of emergency. Once Magnesium falls below a certain level, everything gets affected. The body’s cells are not able to have a properly integrated membrane system. The body gets weaker and weaker because it doesn’t have the energy to do all the things it needs to do.

– Dr Andrea Rosanoff, PhD University of California, Berkeley.

When a patient is suffering from a heart attack, most doctors will consider magnesium Chloride injection which can save the life of heart or stroke patients when administered quickly enough. At any other rate, those looking to supplement their health with magnesium may opt for transdermal magnesium therapy, i.e. Magnesium that is absorbed via the skin. It is generally considered safer, more efficient and convenient, as well as not painful when compared to injections or intra-venous (IV) drips.

Magnesium is vital for most bodily processes. It is needed for bone, muscle, tissue, and ATP (energy) support.

  • Aids the absorption and regulation of Calcium in the body
  • Bio-available Calcium without Magnesium causes arthritis
  • Magnesium balances out the accumulation of Calcium
  • Needed for all cellular energy (ATP) production
  • Highly effective for immediate Pain Relief
Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

Should Magnesium Be Taken Orally?

Most people who’ve become acquainted with magnesium therapy have become astonished by the the efficacy of this wonderful substance and how its benefited countless people, but magnesium is very poorly absorbed via food and diet or even supplements. Still, the most effective way of administering magnesium is still via transdermal delivery or via the skin as it is safer and less painful than IVs or injections. That is why the Magnesium Oil 108 solution was formulated the external or topical use. This delivery method is unequaled by any other magnesium delivery method.

The Effectiveness of Magnesium Chloride

It is nothing short of a miracle when magnesium is absorbed transdermally to facilitate the increase in cellular activity in surrounding cells where magnesium levels were previously depleted. People show remarkable improvements in their state of health when depleted magnesium is replaced by any means. Magnesium Oil 108 is not really an oil base but has the viscosity and consistency of an oil. It is really a concentrated brine (salt) solution.

With mineral oil, there is no side-effect or fear of contra-indications as the minerals are being absorbed via the skin. It has been proven to be a very effective medical treatment method and can be used daily for general and continued health benefits.

The Power Of Magnesium in Pain Management

There are no trickery or dubious claims when it comes to the effectiveness of magnesium in treating and managing pain. Most of joint, ligaments and bone pains that are not caused by trauma or injury could be traced back to inadequate magnesium and an oversupply of Calcium. Pain management using magnesium is by applying magnesium directly to the skin. Muscle cramps, spasms, involuntary reflexes or movements, and can be instantly corrected with the application of transdermal magnesium.

70% of of my patients who complain of muscle pain, cramps, and fatigue are showing signs of magnesium deficiency, and virtually all of them improve when I put them on mineral oil therapy.

– Dr Linda Rapson,
Rapson Pain And Acupuncture, Toronto.

Magnesium As a Sports Medicine

Sports medicine and injury management has seen a new breakthrough with the advent of Transdermal magnesium oil therapy. Sports doctors and team therapists have seen great success in using magnesium oil to both prevent and treat injuries of their team players effectively. It can also be used to increase performance as the body performs at its peak potential with sufficient levels of magnesium. Magnesium reduces pain and inflammation and its adequate propagation will aid the regeneration of cells and tissues. The topical application of magnesium aids muscle and joint expansion which increases flexibility and reduces the possibility of injuries and cramps. Overall, its a total strength and endurance booster for athletes.

TheI importance Of Magnesium

Hamstring injuries can be avoided through nutritional support because contraction and relaxation of muscle is highly dependent upon adequate cellular levels of magnesium. A shortened hamstring is a result of the lack of magnesium. Liquid magnesium chloride can simply be applied to the sore Achilles tendon to decrease swelling.

– Dr Jeff Schutt,
Sports Physician, Colorado.

Calcium Vs Magnesium

Most of the illnesses that are caused by calcium-related conditions such as Osteoporosis, Cardiac Arrhythmia and artherosclerosis can be caused by magnesium deficiency as opposed to calcium deficiency alone. This is because Magnesium and Calcium are jointly responsible for the healthy function of all these problem areas. Not only that, but calcium supplements may increase the risk of heart disease. Calcium supplements should always be complemented with magnesium which is a natural calcium channel blocker. Magnesium can work for countless other conditions such as fibromyalgia, migraines, constipation, etc. Also part of the reason why magnesium is so effective is Calcium causes muscle to contract and be stressed but magnesium causes muscles to expand and be relaxed. The healthy and appropriate dosage of calcium to magnesium for most people is 2:1.

Recommended Use and Suggested Dosage

Daniel Reid, author of Tao of Detox says that mineral oil is the easiest and most convenient way to transmit magnesium chloride to the tissues and cells. The best way to maximize the amount of magnesium being absorbed into the body is by spraying or applying the oil under each armpit. This is because they have the highest concentration of lymph nodes, glands and blood stream for fast distribution across the body. It can also be sprayed on the mouth or under the tongue if you don’t mind the briny aftertaste. You may also apply it to any skin surface and limbs as magnesium applied this way will be absorbed and transported to the tissues and cells that need it the most.

Conditions Caused by Untreated Magnesium Deficiency

Hypo-Magnesemia is a condition caused by having low serum levels of bio-available Magnesium. If left untreated, it can progress into chronic problems that can be immediately rectified by administering magnesium.

General Conditions
Calcium Deficiency
Potassium Deficiency
Type 2 Diabetes
Cardiac Arrythmias
Respiratory Problems
General Conditions
Parkinsons Disease
Sleep Problems
Chest Pains (Angina)
Cluster Headaches (Migraine)
Premenstrual Syndrome
Coronary Artery Disease
Chronic Fatigue syndrome
Anorexia & Loss of Appetite
Irregular & Rapid Heartbeat
Irritability and Anxiety
Behavioral Changes
Impaired Memory
Congnitive Decline
Mood Swings
Growth Retardation
Muscle Cramps
Muscle Spasms (tetany)
Difficulty in Swallowing
Hyperactive Reflexes
Involuntary Eye Movement
Impaired muscle coordination (Ataxia)
Coronary Spasms

Choose Health and Try the Magnesium OIL 108 today!

Magnesium Oil 108


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