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Trace Mineral 108

TM108 60 ml bottle
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Trace Mineral 108 is a wholly natural deep sea mineral extract that is highly packed with minerals and ions for optimum balance and function of bodily processes. The average human body is made up of 60-80 trillion cells that will live and die in a relatively short lifespan. Sufficient supplementation of the right nutrients and minerals makes it easier for new cells to divide and replace the dead cells. TM108 is extracted from the natural Great Barrier Reef off the Coast of Queensland, Australia, and is very concentrated in minerals and trace elements. The liquid and colloidal form of these minerals aid the process of absorption into the body. When taken daily, it can replace lost minerals and also replenish as much minerals as you possibly need to ensure good health in the following aspects:

  • Repairing body cells the natural way
  • Accelerate healing processes
  • Increase endurance and stamina of the body
  • Protects from germs and infections
  • Aids and complements all bio-chemical activities in the body

Why Trace Minerals and Micro Nutrients are needed

The sufficient consumption of trace minerals boosts the immune system and protects the body from diseases, without which the body’s processes will not be able to function at its optimum level. The lack of certain minerals that are not readily available or is poorly absorbed from regular diets is now identified as one of the leading source of health problems. Without proper balance of ions and minerals, the body will not be able to manufacture the enzymes and bio-chemical agents needed to ingest nutrients from food. This opens the door to all kinds of chronic illnesses that will just keep getting worse unless a drastic change in diet or supplement is introduced.

Minerals and trace elements are the basic building blocks that are needed for the body to maintain functions like the endocrine system, nervous system, immune system, cardiovascular system and also the cellular acid-alkali equilibrium.

The uses of minerals and trace minerals on the body

The uses of minerals and trace minerals on the body

Benefits of Taking Trace Minerals 108

There are many benefits of taking Trace Mineral 108, among them which have been reported by customers are

  1. Feeling more energetic (increase in endurance and reduction in lethargy)
  2. Strengthening of the immune system
  3. Delays the aging process (anti-aging properties)
  4. Increase in libido and energy
  5. Nails and hair are stronger and less brittle
  6. Improvement in cardio-vascular health
  7. Feeling more mentally alert and lucid
  8. Quicker healing of wounds and injuries
  9. Pain relief for arthritis and joint problems
  10. Longer endurance and increased stamina during physical activity
  11. Calm and stillness of mind
Trace mineral 108 is also effective for the following common ailments and diseases, and has seen many drastic improvement from patients suffering from them :

  • Diabetes
  • Hepatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Parkinsons
  • Eczema
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Joint pain
  • Stroke
  • Migrain
  • Insomnia
  • High blood pressure

How minerals act on the body – Trace Minerals 108’s mineral content

Minerals act as the enzymatic cofactors that precipitate the cellular metabolism and activity. It can support and influence over 20,000 hormonal function as well as maintain the acid-alkali balance and pH level of blood. Therefore, when cells get the optimum amount of minerals and trace elements needed, it is able to repair itself naturally. Following is the function of some of the most important minerals in TM108:

  • Magnesium – Strengthens the heart and blood vessels, reduces blood pressure and the risk of stroke and heart attack. Deficiency in magnesium can be detrimental to the heart, cause convulsion of muscles and emotional instability.
  • Boron – Needed for the absorption of Calcium. The lack of Boron may affect the absorption of magnesium, calcium and thus slow down the growth of the musculo-skeletal system as well as cause of a rise in blood pressure.
  • Natrium (Sodium)- Regulates the balance of water and Calcium, the viscosity of blood and body fluids and also improves taste and appetite. Lack of sodium may cause muscle spasm and lack of appetite.
  • Copper – Needed for the synthesis of many molecules in the body as well as promotes anti-aging. The lack of copper may cause anemia, nutritional deficiency and hair discoloration due to the lack of pigments as well as hair fall.
  • Iodine – Gets rid off excess fat, encourages the growth of hair and skin and is the main component for thyroid hormone. The lack of Iodine may cause hair loss and weight gain.
  • Phosphorus – Increases the body’s stamina and relieves pain. It also works alongside Calcium in strengthening bones and teeth
  • Calcium – Important for the healthy function of nerve cells, digestion of fat and protein, healthy bones, teeth, muscles as well as helps in blood coagulation
  • Ferrum (Iron) – The synthesis of blood cells, binds with oxygen in the red blood cells. The lack of iron may cause anemia and hair loss.
  • Kalium (Potassium) – Important for the nervous system, balances liquid and blood pressure and needed for muscle functions.
  • Chlorine – Detoxifies body waste and balances body pH and osmotic pressure. It is the main component in Gastric juice or hydrochloric acid and is important for digestion of food.
  • Cobalt – Key component in the synthesis of Vitamin B-12 or Cyanocobalamin, the digestion of fatty acids and aids in the production of red blood cells.
  • Sulfur – Needed for the synthesis of essential amino acids and protein. It also plays an important role in the production collagen, bones, and ligament.
  • Selenium – Selenium is needed to protect the brain as well as in making anti-oxidants to prevent cell damage and getting rid off heavy metals.
  • Nickel – Aiding Calcium absorption and helps prevent osteoporosis
  • Molybdenum – Works in the body by facilitating enzymatic co-factors to break down proteins and other substances.
  • Silicone – The body uses silicone with calcium to promote healthy bone growth. Silica also helps in the manufacturing of collagen which is contributes to stronger nails, hair, bones, skin, and arterial walls.
  • Manganese – Helps the body to form tissue, bones, and sex hormones. It also helps in blood-clotting and plays a role in calcium absorption, blood sugar regulation and the metabolism of carbohydrate and fat.
  • Chromium – May improve type 2 diabetes by regulating blood sugar and reducing the amount of insulin needed. Lowers cholesterol increases lean muscle to aid weight loss.
  • Tin (Stannum) – May be a catalyst and cofactor for certain enzymes.
  • Zinc – Found in all cells and needed for immune system response. Facilitates cell growth, wound healing, the digestion of carbohydrates. It is also essential for the sense of taste and smell, and thus improves appetite.

Mineral Composition of Trace Mineral 108

TM108 is fully natural and has not been tampered by artificial processes. The mineral concoction is nature’s very own recipe, that is derived from the deep ocean waters. Ocean water has the densest mineral content because as you know the outflow of river and rain will flush the mineral content of mountains and land that will eventually join with the sea. The most important factor is the uncanny similarity of TM108’s marine mineral composition to that of blood plasma.


TM108 is made from ocean water with 98% of the sodium chloride removed or desalinated. This means it only accounts for 1% of your daily salt requirement. The remaining liquid is a highly absorb-able electrolyte soup consisting of the following mineral spectrum :

CALCIUM (Ca) 80 ppm
MAGNESIUM (Mg) 92,000 ppm
SULPHUR (S) 44,000 ppm
NITROGEN (N) 500 ppm
SODIUM (Na) 3,750 ppm
BROMINE (Br) 6,120 ppm
CARBON (C) 2,640 ppm
STRONTIUM (Sr) 760 ppm
BORON (B) 460 ppm
SILICON (Si) 280 ppm
FLOURINE (F) 4 ppm
ARGON (Ar) 56 ppm
LITHIUM (Li) 16,000 ppb
IODINE (I) 5,600 ppb
INDIUM (In) 1,880 ppb
IRON (Fe) 940 ppb
MOLYBDENUM (Mo) 940 ppm
TIN (Sn) 280 ppb
ARSENIC (As) 280 ppb
COBALT (Co) 40 ppb
CERIUM (Ce) 40 ppb
SILVER (Ag) 20 ppb
THORIUM (Th) 4 ppb
BISMUTH (Bi) 2 ppb
THALLIUM (Th) 1 ppb
NICKEL (Ni) 180 ppb
MANGANESE (Mn) 180 ppb
ANTIMONY (Sb) 40 ppb
RUBIDIUM (Rb) 11,400 ppb
BARIUM (Ba) 2,800 ppb
ZINC (Zn) 940 ppb
ALUMINIUM (Al) 940 ppb
SELENIUM (Se) 380 ppb
COPPER (Su) 280 ppb
URANIUM (Cu) 280 ppb
CESIUM (U) 40 ppb
YITTRIUM (Y) 20 ppb
LANTHANUM (La) 20 ppb
GALLIUM (Ga) 2 ppb
NIOBIUM (Nb) 1 ppb
GOLD (Au) 0.4 ppb
VANADIUM (V) 180 ppb
TITANIUM (Ti) 100 ppb
GERMANIUM (Gr) 2200 ppb


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